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Technical excellence, with a dash of pragmatism. We deliver high quality, elegant solutions to meet your business needs.

We pride ourselves on striking the right balance between our passion for building great solutions against your needs to deliver a project on time, with your ROI in mind.


Software Development

Consulting and freelance


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Managed Hosting

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End to End Development Skills

We can provide expertise for the entire development lifecycle, from architecture to delivery.

  • Architecture (Event driven, Microservices, DDD, CQRS)
  • Full stack development (.NET, APIs, JavaScript, React, Next.js)
  • Project delivery (SDLC, Agile, Waterfall)
  • CI/CD (Build pipelines, test automation, DevOps)
  • Cloud hosting (Azure, AWS, Docker/Kubernetes)

Importantly, we can do all that in a personable and understandable way, which makes collaborating with us efficient and enjoyable!

Years of experience

The managing director and chief consultant, Craig Wardman, has over 17 years of commercial development experience; with expertise in modelling complex business domains and algorithms, writing high performance applications as well as a working knowledge of Agile and managing a development team. Have a look at Craig's online CV for more details.

"I love getting to know my clients, understanding their business and giving them solutions not problems!"

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Our Services

Choosing the right software consultancy to work with can be a difficult task. Not only do you need to find people with the right skills, you want people you can trust, who take pride in their work and who will be able to understand your needs.

We'd like to think we can give you all of the above, whether you're looking for contract based consulting or freelance work, you'll get all the benefits of our great service.

Read more below about the different approaches available:



We help you to design and deliver the technically challenging aspects of your project

  • Contract software development (min. 3 months, outside IR35 only)
  • Full access to our skills and expertise
  • Let our experience speed up your project delivery
  • Transfer knowledge to your team

Day Rate
9am to 5pm



We will work with you to define the product and take care of the technical delivery

  • UK based development
  • Solutions to suit your needs
  • We manage the delivery of your product
  • Guidance at every stage from inception to deployment

One-time Cost
Time / Materials



Available on all software built by us; we can deploy, manage and maintain your tech stack in the cloud

  • Fully managed cloud based hosting (AWS and Azure)
  • Remove the stress of hosting your own software
  • No technical knowledge required

Monthly Fee
Based on costs

Based in West Yorkshire

In today's connected world we can provide our services fully remotely, liaising with you via video chat or even in virtual reality. We can also visit you at your offices for on-site consultations, within our catchment area (Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Doncaster, Harrogate, York, Sheffield - surrounding areas)

Case Studies

Read about how the work we've done has helped our clients to achieve success

Jet2Holidays Search

Case Study ImageConsulting


The client's package holiday search engine was suffering from poor performance and limited capabilities due to a reliance on calling 3rd party systems to obtain the most up to date pricing and availability data.

What they wanted to achieve was, primarily, a super fast search engine with no limitations on how the data could be searched, without sacrificing the accuracy of the results that were shown to customers.


We worked with them in a consulting capacity to help design and build a highly complex accommodation search engine that uses a realtime feed of supplier data, together with a bespoke implementation of the supplier pricing and availability logic, to generate super accurate and blazing fast responses to incoming website queries.


The project was a success, coming in ahead of schedule and delivering on the promise of faster response times on their website for customer searches!

Optimizing the speed of your website dramatically reduces the bounce rate of your customers. Not only that, in Jet2Holidays' case this was achieved in combination with offering an improved search experience to their customers.

We're proud to have worked with the following clients:

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